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The Athena Circle is dedicated to embodying and living your inner truth, reaching your highest potential, inspiring your creativity, and propelling you forward in your journey to carry out your Divine mission.


By reclaiming a powerful feminine warrior energy, the Athenas are claiming their wisdom and awakening their innate gifts and talents to stand in the truth of who they are as they lift each other up and fulfill their life purpose.


When the Soul calls, the Human answers.

Back in 2015, I felt a deep calling to create Unlock You Success mentorship programs for entrepreneurs to help them step into their potential. With much trepidation, I walked away from a robust 20-year career in international business and my own consulting firm. If you think it was easy, it wasn’t. I have kept boxes filled with my intellectual property from my global business, just in case. 

But Spirit had a different plan for me…

I started hosting workshops and retreats, speaking at conferences, delivering my content on social media, and working with clients in groups and one on one.


Little did I know that it was just the beginning of my journey to fulfill what my Soul had in mind for me to carry out in this incarnation.

What binds us together is a vision for untapped human potential and our connection to the Source that guides us towards the highest expression of our creative faculties.

We are all part of a bigger puzzle – each one fitting into a bigger perspective. Like in a painting, each strike on a canvass is an integral part of that picture. 


The Athena Circle is not just my dream. It belongs to all - who like you - know that there is a greater power steering us to the most optimal outcome – the life of joy, happiness, creativity, inspiration, and ever flowing abundance. All we have to do is to align with that Higher Power and let it guide us to the full expression of our unique brilliance.

I invite you to join The Athena Circle and stand unabashedly in the power and truth of who you are – as beautiful as you are, what you are, and as you are.


Re-ignite your fire, reclaim your purpose, pursue your passions, and impact those who you are here to serve.


We are your Soul Tribe. Let us journey with you on this powerful path.


We are the ATHENAS. Welcome to our circle!


Dagmar Fleming
Founder, The Athena Circle


Athena is a Greek warrior goddess, a warrior of truth and devotion. She stands for the truth of who you are - an immortal Soul unique in your beauty and unlimited potential.


She advocates finding the core truth of you – like a compass that is always pointing to the true North - by stripping down all limitations placed by a fragmented human mind and letting the higher aspect, your Soul, guide you to creative expressions of your innate powers, talents and purpose.


A powerful warrior that she is, Athena fights for our ability to embody that truth in all aspects of our life and speak it regardless of ramifications.


The devotion she asks for is your complete unapologetic drive to fulfill your cause and capacity.


The Athena Circle is a spiritual community for women warriors of light who are here to uplift humanity and bring the highest consciousness into all realms of our physical existence.


The Athenas are female business owners, executive, professionals, and visionaries who are stepping into their highest potential to fulfill their Divine purpose and empower those they are here to serve.



Monthly Group Coaching Calls



Awaken your consciousness and come into profound alignment with your own inner intelligence – your Soul so that every moment of your life is a walk in grace, ease, and abundance.


​​Exclusive Access to Workshops, Conferences and Retreats


Exclusive first access to retreats and workshops around the world.

On Demand Growth Strategies Library



Monthly new content and trainings on personal development, mindset, and business and spiritual growth.

Virtual Networking


Meet other Athenas, your soul sisters, and nourish and support each other’s dreams in a virtual setting.

Member Business Directory


Build your network and support each other in your business endavors.



Dagmar Fleming



Dagmar is speaker, author and founder of Unlock Your Success program for entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their growth, income and life potential.

Claire Billingsley

Board Member, Strategic Development

Claire is founder of The Claire Group, a motivational speaker, communications specialist and TV/Podcast personality.

Chrissy Gower

Board Member, Experiences

Chrissy is a mother, wife, business woman, and entrepreneur.

Catherine Jones

Board Member, Events

Catherine is CEO of The Edventives Group, a boutique incentive travel company in Dallas, Texas, producing incentives, meetings, and conferences worldwide.

Khatonia McCarty

Board Member

Khatonia is an attorney at The McCarty Firm


The Athena Circle embraces all expressions of feminine energy across all ages, races, cultures, political, and religious views.

  • DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY – the right to express our Truth as we are and who we are.

  • TOLERANCE – respect for diversity of views and backgrounds, including race, religious, political, cultural, and other forms of self-expression.

  • DIVINE PURPOSE – unabashedly pursuing your passion and your deepest inner calling.

  • BUILDING LEGACY – both professional and personal.

  • SUPPORT - lifting each other up as we climb towards expression of our potential.

  • MAGIC – bringing magic of joy, happiness, and passion into our lives.

  • QUANTUM LEAPS – playing big and stepping beyond our comfort zone.

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Ferdinand Foch


Join us on this journey of self-exploration of who you are beyond your current name and persona and experience what you are truly capable of.

The Athena Circle Dagmar Fleming


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The Athena Circle is a spiritual community for women who are ready to embrace their innate gifts and talents and fulfill their Divine mission by monetizing their passions.



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